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Course Description

This course teaches the theology of salvation and missions as explained in the book of Romans, discussing several issues that have been controversial in the church.

Course Objectives

  1. To see God’s offer of salvation and his requirement of faith.
  2. To discuss missiological issues about people who have not heard the gospel.
  3. To understand the victory over sin that is possible and normal for a believer.
  4. To study the relationship between Israel and the church in God’s plan.
  5. To understand the context of statements that have been the basis of doctrinal controversies in the church.
  6. To gain a passion for the mission of the church to evangelize the world.

Lesson Titles

Introduction to the Letter
The Gentile Error
The Israelite Error
Universal Conditions
The Means and Meaning of Justification
Victory over Sin
The Convicted Sinner
Life in the Spirit
God’s Selection
The Urgent Message
Ministry and Relationships
A Vision for Missions

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