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Course Description

This course teaches the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation along with other sections of prophetic scripture and emphasizes essential doctrines such as the return of Christ, the final judgment, and the eternal kingdom of God.

Course Objectives

(1) To read and observe the content of prophetic Scripture.

(2) To learn the terms and great themes of eschatology.

(3) To see the relationship between doctrines of eschatology and other Christian doctrines.

(4) To distinguish between essential and debatable doctrines of eschatology.

(5) To understand how a Christian can maintain faith in suffering, disaster, and world conditions that seem to contradict faith.

(6) To learn to live a Christian life consistent with the message of prophetic Scripture.

Lesson Titles

The Value of Eschatology
Fulfilled Prophecies and Israel
Introduction to Apocalyptic Scripture
The Great Themes of Eschatology
The Olivet Discourse
The Book of Daniel (Part 1)
The Book of Daniel (Part 2)
The Book of Revelation (Part 1)
The Book of Revelation (Part 2)
The Millennium
The Great Tribulation
The Rapture
The Issue of Suffering
A Christian View of Persecution
A New Earth

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