Faith Traditions of the World

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Course Description

This course explains the basic beliefs and histories of 17 selected cults and religious traditions, contrasting them with historic Protestant Christianity and evaluating their doctrines and practices by the Bible. The student will be prepared to respond to the errors of wrong religions and to protect Christians from error.

Course Objectives

  1. To help Christians understand the basic doctrines of some of the most influential cults and religious traditions.
  2. To help Christians understand why certain false doctrines are harmful.
  3. To equip pastors to protect their congregations from the influence of cults.
  4. To train Christians with biblical answers to religious errors.
  5. To give practical directions for evangelizing members of other religious traditions.

Lesson Titles

Essential Christianity
Understanding Religious Conflict
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Iglesia ni Cristo
Eastern Lightning
Apocalyptic Cults
New Age Religion
Nature Religions
Understanding Seventh-Day Adventism
Understanding Roman Catholicism
Understanding Eastern Orthodoxy
Understanding Prosperity Theology

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