Introduction to Apologetics

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Course Description

This course teaches the scientific, historical, and philosophical basis for a Christian worldview, and shows how the Christian faith is consistent with reason and reality.

Course Objectives

(1) To understand the relationship between apologetics and the gospel (Lesson 1)

(2) To respond to common misconceptions about apologetics (Lesson 2)

(3) To understand the evidence for the existence of God (Lesson 3)

(4) To appreciate the evidence for creation (Lesson 4)

(5) To memorize the general argument for the truth of Christianity (Lesson 5)

(6) To recognize the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament (Lesson 6)

(7) To appreciate the importance of fulfilled prophecy as a testimony to Jesus’ deity (Lesson 7)

(8) To evaluate evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Lesson 7)

(9) To understand Jesus’ claims to deity, and the appropriate response to those claims (Lesson 8)

(10) To answer questions about the uniqueness of the Christian faith, the doctrine of the Trinity, animism, and the fate of those who have never heard the gospel (Lesson 9)

Lesson Titles

Introduction to Apologetics
Misconceptions about Apologetics
Is There a God?
Creation Apologetics
The General Argument for the Christian Faith
The Reliability of the New Testament
Messianic Prophecy and the Resurrection
Jesus’ Claim to Be God
The Uniqueness of Christianity in a World of Religions

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